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Milestone: processing 400 million records a month

Reaching a milestone that has required years of hard work from the team gives an amazing feeling of joy and pride. Doing it as a team makes it even more rewarding. This April we have reached our milestone of processing over 10,000 records per minute from our own factory into the test servers in the […]

Monitor-Box now available for Intranet applications

Highly secured companies that do not allow any connection of their internal systems to the internet can now also make use of Monitor-Box. It is possible to run the Monitor-Box without internet connection. The software needs to be installed on the company’s server(s) and run on the internal network. It will involve extra cost and […]

First M-Boxes yield great result in MGC

We started the M-Box development back in 2012 when we found ourselves in an increasingly competitive environment with sharply raising labor cost. Good management practices via monitoring, measuring and a constant process of move and improve were the only road to survival.