Industry Segment

Monitoring and Production Control in Metal Fabrication

A range of different M-Boxes is available for common machines in metal fabrication. Uptime of each machine can be monitored and the Smart Cards make it possible to monitor the internal cost price of your products.

Overall efficiency

Electricity consumption

Records of Actios

Actions taken by supervisor in response to notifications

Quantitative Information

Quantitative information on Quality Checks with inspector’s identification

Instant Notification

Send alerts on operational issues according to selected settings

Metal Fabrication

Equipment for Real Time Monitoring


M-Boxes for milling, grinding, EDM and CNC machines are equipped with electricity consumption level sensors and /or motion sensors.

For welding machines, we use current sensors that record the number of welds and the total welding time per (clock based) hour.

The cost price can be closely monitored via:

• Total electricity consumption (Sensors)
• Total time spent by different workers (Smart-Cards)


The Smart-Cards identify individual units in production (or production batches) and which workers are handling them.

Instant Notifications

Depending on the issue, relevant officers (management/supervisor, maintenance, QC) will receive an instant notification on which they will have to act and feedback to the system after solving.

Production interruptions

For production interruptions on any machines, the system can be set to alert supervisor via a notification. The operator indicates the problem via pre-set buttons on the M-Box:

  • Machine defective / Maintenance
  • No operator available for production.
  • Program Problem
  • Change Parts
  • No Wire (EDM/welding)

Electricity waste

When a machine consumes electricity without producing, a notification is sent. Most of the time the operator forgot to switch off the machine. Any  a-typical electricity consumption should be flagged to responsible persons as this may involve safety issues.

M-box staff tracking

M-box staff tracking keeps track of who is on the premises and their working hours. People that are off-duty can select not to be disturbed by notifications.

Universally Applicable

M-Box can be used on any brand of equipment. During ordering we will request details allowing us to make the correct selection of monitoring tools and settings.

Cost Analysis and Control

Analyse your true cost price per product. All activities that can be allocated to the project can be monitored, including manual labour and time tracking of design engineers’ computer time.