M-Box Software and Security

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A factory with 40 M-boxes will generate around 4 million records a month consisting of machine working signals, power consumption ,operator data and notifications.
This is a lot of data that has to be processed securely and without interruption.
To guarantee this, we have set-up a flexible server network with Microsoft Azure.
The PC or PCs in your factory are authorized with a communication certificate and will send the data to a firewall server,
which confirms authorization.
Afterwards, the data will go to a communication server, which processes and ensures that all data from the PC is correctly transferred.
From there, the data is delivered to a string of database servers, which process and index the data.
The database servers then feedback the information to the communication servers.
Reporting servers have direct access to indexed data, so the data is quickly and easily visible on the website, phone app, or generated auto reporting.
The network is completely flexible.
Within hours we can add extra servers to handle more data.
In November 2015, we processed 150 records a second
That is 400,000,000 records a month.
Privacy is one of the key features of the system.
We only monitor the data flow.
The actual data and reporting can only be viewed by your company.
In case of problems you can activate the support user in your settings so our engineers can login.
After the problem is solved the account will be deactivated.

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