CNC Machine Monitoring Software and Hardware System to Transform your Shop Floor

CNC Machine Monitoring Software Improves Production Efficiency

CNC Machine Monitoring Software boosts digital transformation on the shop-floor, minimizes productivity losses, provides with real-time information
CNC Machine Monitoring Software - M-Box

CNC Machine Monitoring software and hardware components by M-Box help jump-start the digital transformation on the shop floor. The machine monitoring software system will provide you not only with real-time and accurate information about the status of your machine (up-time vs down-time), but it also allows you to see who is operating the machine and on what project is being produced.

These data help to come to a comprehensive machine utilization analysis, and an analysis of operator performance. The combination of these will eventually improve your manufacturing efficiency through minimizing productivity losses which will reduce your cost accordingly.

Automatic push notifications can be set for any event on operations as you can see on the M-Box for CNC machines specification page. Also, the system can set notification for maintenance alerts. Management goals on reduction of response time via immediate action to those notifications reduces machine downtime.

The M-Box system helps in automatic cost price calculation of your productions via registration of machine hours, operator hours and electricity consumption. Depending on your user settings in the system setup the cost price can be calculated on (semi) variable or integral cost price level.

What are CNC Machines?

CNC Machine operated by human and monitored by M-Box System

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. Computer controlled machines in metal fabrication factories that automatically execute a sequence of processing steps using a variation of tools such as drills and saws are known as CNC-machines. These machines read their instructions to produce the product or part directly from the CNC drawing.

CNC machines are operated by either human operators or robots. The operator places raw material, removes finished objects and checks and replaces tools to ensure the quality of the product.

CNC machine maintenance

CNC machines need regular maintenance which goes beyond daily checking. CNC-machine manufacturers recommend servicing based on running hours:

• 500 hrs: greasing and filter cleaning
• 1000 hrs: radiator cleaning, lubricant draining and refill, leveling, wiper inspection and replacement
• 2000 hrs: extensive checking and cleaning of all parts with checking and adjustment of the X and Z axis.

Failure to perform these maintenance checks will result in extensive machine downtime (if replacement parts are not in stock) which may have serious consequences on contractual obligations and financial damages.

M-Box can be set to issue alerts at selected running hours intervals for timely maintenance.

For further information on CNC machine maintenance, we refer to Okuma

CNC Machine Monitoring Software - M-Box

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