The ideal tool in optimizing shop floor efficiency

Operational Excellence with M-Box Smart Factory Monitoring System

Real Time Factory Data Monitoring System

Shop Floor Monitoring System monitors efficiency and electricity consumption in factory operations and production lines, at the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and OPE (Overall Plant Effectiveness) level. With its added functionality on staff tracking and automatic cost price calculation feature it is a great tool in achieving cost leadership in manufacturing.


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Factory Monitoring System fits to any brand or type of equipment

Shop Floor Monitoring System for Manufacturing Industries

A factory with injection moulding machines that are connected to a Monitoring System

Injection moulding and die casting monitoring using shop floor monitoring system

CNC machine monitoring done by M-Box Shop Floor Monitoring System

Mould making monitoring using shop floor data monitoring software

Metal fabrication Industry monitored by M-Box Data Collection System

Metal fabrication operations effectively monitored by means of real time shop floor monitoring system

M-Box Labor Tracking System monitoring a Garment Factory for full control over production

Manual assembly work monitoring using Factory Monitoring System

How the M-Box Shop Floor Monitoring System Works

Affordable, Ease of Installation, No programming

How it works
Factory Monitoring system uses Smart-card readers, external sensors and bar-code scanning. All machines, operators, moulds and/or products are identified to the system so that efficiency and energy consumption is recorded for any combination at work. The M-Box auxiliary equipment monitors are applied to record the energy consumption of any other machine (group) or department in the factory.

Benefits of Using Shop Floor Monitoring System

Smart Factory Monitoring with Real Time Data
OEE is one of the benefits of M-Box shop-floor monitoring system

Machine uptime and cycle time are the main pillars of the optimal effectiveness in your production. Increase OEE performance with M-Box.

Energy consumption control is one of the benefits of M-Box factory monitoring system

Monitoring of electricity consumption and increased awareness among staff leads to substantial energy savings.

Cost analysis is one of the benefits of M-Box production monitoring system

Insight in the cost price of your products for optimal decision making in prioritizing orders and sales price settings.

Shop Floor Monitoring System to help on the way to Lean Manufacturing
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As a thriving SME production company, growing your business produces positive results. However, achieving operational efficiency presents difficulties, particularly given budget limits and technical complications. Integrating a shop floor monitoring system requires skill, particularly if it requires linking machine PLCs to the cloud. However, Monitor-Box makes this procedure easier by pulling data from external sensors. It’s the solution you need to improve your factory’s performance without requiring extensive IT participation. Monitor-Box provides meaningful insights into your production processes, guaranteeing that your operations match world-class standards while reducing implementation barriers for SMEs like yours.

Achieving lean operations in your factory without real-time productivity data is difficult. The principles of lean emphasize continual improvement, waste reduction, and efficiency optimization. Real-time data provides critical insights into production processes, allowing for timely decisions and modifications. Without it, finding inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and opportunities for improvement becomes difficult and imprecise.

Real-time productivity data enables proactive actions to improve process, distribute resources efficiently, and optimize operations. It enables managers to monitor performance parameters such as cycle times, downtime, and throughput, allowing for more informed decision-making to achieve production targets and customer expectations effectively.

Furthermore, real-time data encourages an environment of transparency and accountability among employees, encouraging participation and collaboration in the pursuit of operational excellence. Using real-time productivity data, your factory can more successfully implement lean approaches, resulting in continuous improvement, cost savings, and a competitive advantage in today’s changing manufacturing industry.