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M-Box Machine Monitoring System can be adopted for and applied in many manufacturing industry segments

M-Box is currently in use in the following segments of industry:

CNC Machine Monitoring Software - M-Box

CNC Machine Monitoring System

Monitor-Box system for CNC machine monitoring

Every making industry, in either an industrialized or developing country is facing the challenge of increasing productivity of their assets: equipment or human capital. Factories or companies who do not recognize this fact and develop activities to achieve such productivity increase risk of losing out to the competition.

With the transmission and storage of Big Data becoming easier and cheaper, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) becomes a useful tool for enterprises to achieve the desired productivity increase. Machine Data Collection and Production Monitoring systems have been around, but difficult to implement and expensive.

M-Box is more than just a Machine Data Collection system.

Machine Monitoring System universally applied to any industrial machine

M-Box is more than just a Machine Data Collection system. This versatile Production Monitoring System can be adapted for and applied in any serial production process using a multitude of independently operating machines or workstations. It assists in monitoring uptime, cycles, power consumption and output speed. It allows automatic calculation of your (semi) variable or integral cost price.

M-Box also registers who is operating the equipment. Therefore, it is of particular value in monitoring and improving the performance of the workforce in factories where flexible rewarding systems (piecework) are no option.

M-Box and Condition Monitoring

M-Box can also be applied for condition monitoring: the monitoring of changes in a machine’s operating conditions in electricity use, temperature, vibration for example. Often, these changes in conditions are a sign of a developing issue and may trigger predictive maintenance before a machine failure happens. Machine failures that lead to extended downtime of individual equipment or even complete plant shutdown in cases of expensive auxiliary equipment that is not backed up can have major consequences.

M-Box’s condition monitoring functionality for predictive maintenance in combination with running hours tracking, with alerts on preventive maintenance is part of a good asset management program which may lead to lower insurance premiums on these assets:

– Pumps
– Compressors
– Chillers
– Cooling towers

If you don’t find your equipment but want to explore the possibility to apply M-Box, contact us.