M-Box Factory Barcode Scanning tracks Job Progress on the Shopfloor and Stocks in the Warehouse

Job management software with barcode scanning revolutionizes production by streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity. By integrating barcode technology, tasks like inventory tracking, job scheduling, and order fulfilment become seamless and error-free. Barcode scanning eliminates manual data entry, reducing human error and increasing efficiency. Real-time visibility into job statuses and inventory levels empowers managers to make informed decisions swiftly. With automated alerts and notifications, teams stay synchronized, and deadlines are met consistently. Ultimately, this cloud based job management software optimizes resource allocation, minimizes downtime, and fosters a more agile and productive production environment, leading to higher output and customer satisfaction.

M-Box Factory Barcode Scanning Software, Shopfloor Barcode Scanning Software

M-Box Shopfloor Barcode Scanning is part of the Monitor-Box Factory Monitoring system: a Microsoft Azure-based IoT platform for SME manufacturers with limited budgets or IT manpower to implement IoT quickly and successfully.

Factory Barcode Scanning Software

to Implement the basics of LEAN-manufacturing

The Shopfloor Barcode Scanning provides unbiased data from the Shop-Floor and is essential in the transformation process to operate in a LEAN-manufacturing style. This process aims to reduce costs universally through efficiency enhancements, concurrently enhancing production lead-times and shortening project durations. 

  • Track employees, workstations, material usage, job progress, and inventory
  • Collect shop floor data
  • Get started right away

Shopfloor Barcode Scanning Software Functionalities

Job or Work order tracking

What is the status of the Job and when will it be completed?

Employee hours tracking

Who is doing what and on which work station?

Inventory tracking

Quantity and location of all your raw materials and (semi) finished products.

Product Traceability

When was this product made, by whom, and on which workstation? Which materials were used? Who did the QC?


Access data via dashboard on the M-Box platform for desktop or mobile device. Transparency with Andon-style floorplans on big screens.


Manage (Production) Jobs and (Project) Tasks on intuitive Kanban boards.


Customized reports;

  • OEE
  • Labor Effectiveness
  • Cost price analysis  

Interface with ERP

Customized API’s connect with ERP systems. 

Scanning Features of Factory Barcode Scanning Software

Minimal Hardware Requirements: Smartphone and Barcode printer

It is easy to get started with the system. Quickly set up the company details in the intuitive portal, print your current barcodes or the codes that the system automatically generates for you, and let your operators scan on their smartphones with the M-Box App installed. 


  • Scan incoming (purchased) products to Create Stock
  • Move stock between Stock Locations (Warehouse and warehouse positions)
  • Check and Adjust stock levels
  • Allocate produced items to Stock Locations


Remark: In case of multi-step productions, the system automatically generates all jobs in the sequence (with their component requirements) when a production order is created.

  • Scan job and station code to start a job on a workstation
  • Scan incoming components (semi-finished products, purchased items)
  • Scan produced items (individual or batch)
  • QC (intermediate, final)


  • Scan items to cartons
  • Scan cartons to pallets
  • Scan cartons or pallets to shipment (trucks or containers)


Allocate consumable items to workstations.

How M-Box Shopfloor Barcode Scanning Works

Get started in a whiff. Simply set up your portal, print codes and get the basic functionality working. Once familiarized, consider including job scheduling, project management and inventory functionalities.

Setup your M-Box Portal

  • Create logins for operators.
  • Operators install the M-Box app on their mobile smart device (with functional camera)
  • Create Workstations with their unique station number
  • Create Work-orders or Jobs
  • Create Production codes (individual products or product batches)

Print barcodes

  • Stick the station barcode-stickers to the workstations
  • Production code stickers to connect to individual units or batches

Start Working

  • Operator logs in on M-Box app in mobile device
  • Scan work station code to make connection to the specific station
    • Scan job code or activate job in the app
    • Scan product (batch) code for completed items

View Data

Your portals dashboard already displays data:

    • Machine/operator/job
    • Active time
    • Job progress
Who made what and where is it?

Usefull Insights with the Factory Barcode Scanning Software


Employees on the shop floor and warehouse carry a smartphone with the M-Box application installed, and scan with the phone camera or Bluetooth-connected barcode scanner. 

Consider employing Barcode scanners integrated with M-Box Machine and Workstation monitors if your company policy restricts the use of employee smartphones within the factory premises.

Work Stations and Warehouses

Work stations and warehouse locations are labelled with their unique bar-code or QR-code


individual item codes or production batch codes, carton codes

Track Product and Batch Barcodes in the Production department and Warehouse

Job-code + station-code

  • Create record of the job active on a station and who is running it.
    • Start time
    • Finish time
    • Duration and cycle time
    • Optional: traceability per unit

Item/batch/carton code + warehouse-code

    • Physical movement of items through the location
    • Stock keeping 


  • OEE (Operational Equipment Effectiveness - Work station utilization)
  • OLE (Operational Labor Effectiveness – Workforce performance)
  • Stock Positions
  • Material Useage