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M-Box Staff Tracker

Staff Tracking M-Box model keeps track of working hours of staff. Notifications can be issued for not registering at the work terminal during shift. Increased flexibility for production interruptions or safety issues notifications. Learn more about set-up and subscription prices

M-Box Group Electricity Meter

M-Box Group Electricity Meter registers the power consumption for a specific area, department or machine group for analysis, comparison and bench-marking. It works without any smart cards. Instant Notifications can be set to be issued for a-typical electricity consumption. Learn about set-up and subscription prices.

Auxiliary Equipment M-Box (for compressors, pumps)

M-Box Auxiliary Equipment model is commonly used for compressors, pumps and other equipment for which it is important to know the on/off status and (optional) the electricity consumption. Alternative sensors may be used and auto-notifications can be set in a flexible way. Learn more about set-up and subscription prices.