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Recognize and Eliminate eight types of waste in Lean Manufacturing with the help of M-Box

In today's economic environment, the customer determines the price and companies are forced to reduce their costs to stay profitable, which can be achieved through the elimination of the wastes. Learn what those wastes in lean are and how to eliminate them.
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A spiral of time cycles

The value of injection molding cycle time optimization and monitoring

Injection molding Cycle Time Optimization is a simple way to Instantly Increase your productivity in injection molding. Lean more about our Recommended Approach & Monitoring Tool
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Integrate the six sigma and project management approaches in your factory with the help of M-Box

Six Sigma and Project Management are complementary methods. Their integration in Manufacturing will allow successful and continuous execution of improvements.
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Implement Error Proofing System “Poka Yoke” in your factory with the help of M-Box

Poka-Yoke is Lean Manufacturing tool to detect possible errors in the production process, prevent them and thus avoid defects in manufactured parts.
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Evolution of the “Andon” system in your factory with the help of M-Box

Andon is a Lean tool that through light signal reports problems in work area, in order to take measures to prevent them from occurring again.
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SMED and Formula 1 Pit Stop

What SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) Is and How to Implement It In Your Factory

SMED (Single minute exchange of die) is a Lean Manufacturing technique that allows significantly reduce product changeover time
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What is Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and How to Implement It In a Factory

Total Productive Maintenance improves the quality of the work environment, and develops a culture of responsibility, communication, and continuous learning.
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Lean Manufacturing and Injection Moulding/Mould Making

For any injection moulder or mould maker looking to adopt a Lean philosophy, M-Box production monitoring system reveals opportunities for improvements with respect to activities that do not add value.
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M-Box Factory Monitoring system saves money

How Factory Monitoring System Saves Money

Smart factory monitoring systems are now available for any size of operation, not just multinationals. Every workshop can connect to the IoT with M-Box.
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