Monitor-Box teams with Arcadeus Cyber Security Advisers for System Safety

Monitor-Box and Arcadeus Cyber Security Advisers for System Safety

Our cradle stood in the Netherlands and we are accustomed to the proverb about the butcher that tests and approves his own meat. We avoid the trap of the notourious inside-out look that impairs a clear and objective opinion on someone’s own work. That is why we have teamed up with the experts from Arcadeus OPS Cyber Security for monitoring and challenging the cyber security of our systems.

Website security is of paramount importance to protect sensitive data and it is our responsibility to build a robust network that is protected from any data theft. In cooperation with Arcadeus we make sure that system has the latest security updates and is configured efficiently.

Arcadius Augustus, Roman Emperor c.400, who fortified his city and learnt to strengthen defences against the malicious Vandals and Goths