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OEE software is mainly focused on monitoring OEE.

What is OEE?

OEE formula: OEE=AxPxQ

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. The concept has been introduced by Seiichi Nakajima to evaluate and compare machine effectiveness and is calculated by the formula:


Availability: Percentage of planned production time that the operation is available to operate
Performance: Running speed as a percentage of design speed
Quality: Percentage of products accepted

M-Box as an OEE monitoring system offers interesting extras.

Commercially available OEE tracking software and systems measure the uptime, cycle speed and quality ratio and return the OEE percentage on basis of that. OEE downtime monitoring is very important in achieving good scores and work towards world class manufacturing.

Circle graphs show OEE and waste in world class manufacturing, comparing it with other types.

But how about OEE downtime management?
Quick response times to shop-floor issues can help in considerably decreasing the downtime. Identification of those operators who have extraordinarily high numbers of production interruptions, when managed properly, will also help in achieving better factory and machine utilization levels.

Compared to typical OEE software or OEE data collection M-Box has extras as:

Operator and Project Identification

Monitor-Box does more than just real-time OEE monitoring as performed by most OEE software manufacturing. In addition to the regular functions, it registers who is on the machine, what product or project is being worked on as well.

Smart card readers register project and operator. The identification of projects, operators that drag the overall score down allows proper management and help improving results.

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Cost Price Calculation

It records how much electricity is being used. The goal of every manager deciding to implement an OEE monitoring system is cost price control. M-Box’s cost price calculation module calculates the cost price automatically after each production batch based on the user’s preferred settings.

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Push Notifications

The push notifications in the M-Box system alert relevant people in the organization on shop-floor issues, such as:
– Unscheduled machine downtime
– Electricity consumption when machine is idle
– Cycle time deviation (either upwards or downwards)
– A-typical electricity consumption (indicating a defect developing that may still be avoided)
– Maintenance service due (based on preferred running hours or cycles completed schedules)

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What gets measured, gets managed!’

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