Industry Segment

Monitoring and Production Control in Injection Moulding and Die Casting

A versatile monitoring unit for efficiency and electricity consumption. Applicable to all possible combinations of machine, mould (configuration) and operators. For any brand of  injection moulding machine.

Overall Efficiency

Registration of nett machine and operator time and reasons for production interruptions. 

Electricity Consumption

Monitor electricity waste and calculate nett electricity cost per manufactured unit for input in true cost price calculation

Instant Notifications

Send alerts on operational issues according to selected settings

Cycle time

Measure cycle time of each shot and compare against standard

Mould and Operator Records

Record of mould on the machine and the responsible operator

Maintenance Alerts

Get automatic alerts for service stops based on running hours (for machines) and cycles (for moulds)

Injection Moulding and Die Casting

Real time monitoring

Proximity Sensor

Proximity Sensor installed in the knee of the machine to register every shot and its cycle time

To achieve set targets in cost analysis and cost control the injection moulding machine is equipped with two sensors:

  • Proximity Sensor
  • Digital electricity meter

The M-Box’s smart-card readers identify the operator and which mould is on the machine.

Digital Electricity Meter

Digital electricity meter to register power consumption

Instant notifications

Depending on the issue, relevant officers (management/supervisor, maintenance, QC) will receive an instant notification on which they will have to act and feedback to the system after solving.

When used in combination with M-Box Staff Tracking employees that are off-duty or off-premise can select not to be disturbed by notifications. Alternative supervisors (that are checked in) will then be notified.

Production interruptions

When a moulding machine has a production interruption, the operator indicates the problem via pre-set buttons on the M-Box:

  • Quality problem
  • No material available
  • Machine defective
  • Drying material on the machine
  • Maintenance service
  • Mould defective

The supervisor may be required to confirm the true cause of the interruption via a pull down menu (or manual input) on his or her mobile device.

Electricity waste

When a moulding machine is idle but consumes electricity, a notification is sent. Most of the time the operator forgot to switch off the machine or the material heater.

M-Box Optionals

M-box staff tracking keeps track of who is on the premises and keeps records of working hours. People that are off-duty can select not to be disturbed by notifications.

Electricity Consumption Monitors enable complete and detailed monitoring of electricity consumption throughout your entire operation.

Auxiliary Equipment Monitor Boxes keep track and issue alerts on status and / or consumption of all auxiliary equipment.


Complete production efficiency transparency is achieved and data is available for analysis of:
Different locations
Different department
Equipment type
Equipment groups
Individual machines

True Cost Price

For every completed production run the system automatically calculates the true cost price based on power consumption, material cost, operator cost and allocated overhead cost (as predetermined in the settings).

Universally Applicable

M-Box can be used on any brand of injection moulding or casting equipment. During ordering we will request details of the moulding machine to make sure the correct type of electricity consumption meter is selected.