Data-Driven Shop Floor Management

Improve Uptime and Effective Decision making with Monitor-Box

Data-Driven Shop Floor Management

Improve Uptime and Effective Decision making with Monitor-Box
CNC Machine Monitoring Software - M-Box

Increase efficiency

Uptime can increase 15% or more by optimal equipment management. Minimize waste of materials and electricity. Never miss a maintenance job

Plan, Organize and Analyze

Streamline your workflow. Schedule production and QC jobs. Know what’s in the queue and when it will be completed. Automate OEE reporting

Engage Teams

Boost team performance with transparent productivity data. Efficient product and shift changeovers

Get started within a day

Data available immediately after installation of the hardware components on any machine (type, brand, age):


External sensors register all relevant data from your machines. No PLC connections. Use standard sensors or connect your own.


The easy to install M-Box collects data from the sensors and sends to the cloud, while registering who is running the machine and what is produced (RFID or bar code scanning).

WiFi station

Dedicated WiFi access point sends the data to the cloud for access via web portal or mobile device.

Get notified

Reduced response time on unexpected down time

The flexible system sends notification alerts via mobile or email to the relevant team members for immediate attention. Keeps record of alerts sent and followed up.

Instant data through intuitive real-time dashboards

Preset modules for:

Hover video to find the full-screen function

Reporting and ERP integration

– Standard and fully customizable reporting
– API’s for integration with any ERP system

Affordable Pricing

Prices are reasonable and affordable. Flexible pricing system allows you to pay only for components that you are using. 

  • We used to spend more time on creating reports than we did on doing something actively constructive with them. Automatic reports take out the nuisance of creating the reports, add to that the fact that they are available when still actionable

    Floor Manager
  • The tools of analysis that we now have allow us to rank our business opportunities on profit potential, using the historical production data. We were able to focus on profitable productions only after implementing this tool.

    Managing Director
  • We have been looking at apps that allow for more remote working, which is encouraged these days. Finding one that integrates machine data was a requirement, and this one proved a real find. Thanks, guys!

    General manager
  • Installation was a walk I the park, did not take more than 30 minutes for each machine. The machine itself only had to be stopped for 10 minutes to install the sensor. Got the complete floor set up within a day.

    Technical Service engineer
  • Compared to other projects, this was a relief. Once we were set up the data came in. No in-depth procedures and the intuitive portal is so easy to use. Everyone loves it.

    Project manager IT
  • I love walking the factory floor, but realize it’s not optimal to feel the pulse of the factory by just doing that. The data I have now, really give me the insights that are valuable in our decision-making.

    Production manager

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