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Our heritage: Netherlands manufacturing in Asia

Monitor-Box is part of Netherlands’ MGC that has been active in injection moulding and mould manufacturing in South China for over a decade,  catering originally for North Western European markets. Throughout our existence, we have never lost sight of the added values to clients: Quality, more Quality and peace of mind regarding Quality. No compromises just to be cheap. Particularly in the years that China was still the workshop of the world, sticking to the values we grew up with was the only way to survive and thrive.

Our Background: injection moulding

As injection moulding specialist MGC continuously faces the tough challenge to remain profitable with sharply increasing labor cost and currency appreciation. Efficiency and cost control are paramount and a complete monitoring system for operations is an essential tool. No control without the proper data.

MGC operates different machines types and brands for injection moulding and mould making. Without a universally applicable comprehensive monitoring system available on the market in-house development was the obvious option.

The first version went live in 2012 and a special task-force drives a continuous improvement process of the system.

In recent years MGC’s sales have evolved from 80% export in 2010 to only 30% export and 70% China domestic in 2016 while enjoying steady overall growth. This is largely thanks to the monitoring system that induced “high efficiency/low electricity” born cost leadership. The insight in the real production cost enables spot-on decision making on pricing for sales opportunities. By doing so we landed substantial local accounts.

Our Commercial Strategy for Monitor-Box

Monitor-Box was not developed with the intention to commercialize. We built it because we needed it and now we are more than happy to share with colleague manufacturers throughout the world.  We have witnessed what great effect the system had on our organization. Clearly, the benefits are to the advantage not only of factory owners but also to the entire global society. After all, energy savings and efficiency improvements directly contribute to a better environment. 
System development cost are already covered, allowing a very friendly pricing policy for new users!