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CNC Machine Monitoring Software - M-Box

This unit’s features are:

– Up-Time monitoring
– Smart card reader operator
– Smart card reader production
– Manual notification buttons
– Auto notifications
– Electricity consumption monitoring

  • Start-up
  • Quality problem
  • Station problem
  • No material
  • Batch completed
  • Changing batch
According to User's Settings
  • Machine status change On/Off
  • Electricity waste while machine idle
  • Maintenance required on machine (cycle count or running hours based)

With the use of M-Box Smart Cards (for operator and production):

  • QC notifications (Start/during/end of production run)
  • Machine running without Smart Card(s) * 
  • Machine idle with Smart Card(s) *

(* will impact internal cost price calculation)

Features of M-box for CNC-Machines


Cycle Time Recording


Operator Identification


Project Identification


Electricity Consumption Recording

Monitor-Box in Metal Fabrication and Mould Making Video

CNC Machine Monitoring Software - M-Box


1-Time Fee
  • Monitor-Box
  • 2 smart-card readers
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Electricity Meter (Optional)

Wifi Unit

1-Time Fee

  • Unifi ® internet access point
  • Mandatory (To guarantee good connection)
  • Optimal range up to 25 meters
  • Maximum 30 M-Boxes per Unit (Multiple units can be installed)
  • Needs a cable with direct internet connection


Monthly Fee
  • 1 month free with set-up
  • Billed annually
  • Free software updates

Shipping Cost

  • Depending on your location
  • Quotation within 24 hours

Billing & Payment Procedure

  • Paperwork is kept to a minimum
  • Bank transfer, Paypal, Credit Card