Industry Segment

Monitoring and Production Control in Assembly Operations

The M-Box for assembly lines helps increasing effectiveness of your manual assembly work. The smart cards identify the team members and make sure the correct work instruction is up at each station. 

The IR-sensors track the takt-time of each employee and the QC pass versus fail ratio.

The M-Box production counter assists in line speed synchronization to achieve optimal product flow through your workshop. 

Overall Efficiency

Registration employee activity and reasons for production interruptions. 

Instant Notifications

Send alerts on operational issues according to selected settings

Cycle time

Set realistic takt time for each activity on the assembly line

Measure takt time of each activity and compare against standard

Ongoing QC-monitoring

Reject rates are monitored and alerts issued for outliers for immediate follow up

Manual Assembly and Assembly Lines

Increase Overall Labour Effectiveness

Proximity Sensors

Proximity Sensors are used to track employees’ takt time or cycle time and monitor pass versus reject ratio. 

Optimal effectiveness can be realized through lowest possible (average) takt-time on the assembly work. Identification of the takt-time per employee allows targeted efforts on training and coaching to optimize individual performance in a constructive positive manner. 

The production counter helps adjusting product flow speed through the work-shop, minimizing idle time. 

Smart Cards

Smart Cards identify employee, ensure right (version of) work instruction is used. It is even possible to link rejected item containers to individual employees.

Instant notifications

Depending on the issue, relevant officers (management/supervisor, maintenance, QC) will receive an instant notification on which they will have to act and feedback to the system after solving.

When used in combination with M-Box Staff Tracking employees that are off-duty or off-premise can select not to be disturbed by notifications. Alternative supervisors (that are checked in) will then be notified.

Workstation Monitoring

Automatic notifications can be set to client specifications and varied per product or line:

  • Production stop at work station
    • No material
    • Equipment failure
    • Quality problem
  • Reject rates
  • Takt or cycle time
  • No Smart Cards 
  • Incorrect work instruction

Work Instruction

Work instructions with normative takt-time are easily uploaded to the system via Excel sheets. Printed instructions are stored in smart folders on each work station to ensure that the correct (version of) work instruction is used. 

Product Flow Fine-tuning with M-Box Production Counter

Settings of conveyor belt speeds optimally is required to realize optimal effectiveness and avoid product buffers at one point and idle work stations at others. How does the line speed relate to the accumulated takt-time of the employees? Using production counters allows an overall analysis of the product flow on the work-floor, resulting in an optimally tuned operation with the right number of employees at the right sections of the assembly line.


Optimal performance of human capital. Personal KPI’s and insight in the performance increases motivation and engagement levels. Identify coaching and training needs. 

Empower employees and teams in a transition process from piece-work to performance based reward systems. 

Cost analysis and control

Calculate the assembly cost per product or production line. Intelligent rearrangement of assembly teams and work-floor lay-out can boost efficiency with lowest possible assembly cost as the ultimate result.