M-Box Group Electricity Meter

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Registers the power consumption for a specific area, department or machine group for analysis, comparison and bench-marking. Possible combinations are predetermined by wiring layout.  

The group electricity meter works without any smartcards. Once it is identified to the system Instant Notifications can be set to be issued for a-typical electricity consumption. 


1-Time Fee
  • Group Electricity Meter

Wifi Unit

1-Time Fee

  • Unifi ® internet access point
  • Mandatory (To guarantee good connection)
  • Optimal range up to 25 meters
  • Maximum 30 M-Boxes per Unit (Multiple units can be installed)
  • Needs a cable with direct internet connection


Monthly Fee
  • 1 month free with set-up
  • Billed annually
  • Free software updates

Shipping Cost

  • Depending on your location
  • Quotation within 24 hours

Billing & Payment Procedure

  • Paperwork is kept to a minimum
  • Bank transfer, Paypal, Credit Card