First M-Boxes yield great result in MGC

We started the M-Box development back in 2012 when we found ourselves in an increasingly competitive environment with sharply raising labor cost. Good management practices via monitoring, measuring and a constant process of move and improve were the only road to survival.

Immediately with the first experimental boxes installed (June 2015) we started reaping the fruits. Elimination of electricity waste on idling machines proved an instant cost saving.

Together with the supervisors on the work floor we were able to improve efficiency in machine time (as %-age of time the machine is indeed delivering output) by rapid response to any interruption occurring.

Learning about the electricity consumption patterns of different moulds in different machines was a great help in allocating the energy cost to the different products. This allowed true cost price calculations that helped in making spot-on decisions in securing sales contracts.

In all, we can already see that the M-Box system is a going to develop into exactly the great tool to minimize cost and maximize result as we visioned it to be. We’re ready for take-off!