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The moment you make a mistake in pricing, you’re eating into your reputation or your profits.

Katherine Payne, founder and CEO of KDPaine & Partners LLC, authority consultants to leading corporations and governments on accountability.
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Cost Price Calculator integrated in M-Box System

M-Box Monitoring gives full and accurate insight into the cost price build up via tracking of all the relevant cost components. 

How it works: 

Each M-Box is equipped with a smart card reader that identifies which product is being made and which operator is making it. When using the smart cards you can track a production throughout the factory.

Grouped smart cards allow tracking of multiple productions for one project simultaneously. Even cost prices of the different components of the final product can be analyzed.

  • Material Use
  • Electricity Use
  • Labor Hours

Relevant data collected when using smart-cards are automatically allocated to projects, products or parts. The system’s cost price module can return detailed information on marginal or integral cost price, depending on selected settings according to your accounting system.


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