Smart Cards for Personnel and Projects

M-Box > Assembly > Smart Cards for Personnel and Projects

Smart cards for Personnel:

  • Track employees: on and off premise
  • Flexible notification settings (e.g. no notifications when not at work)
  • Track operators to machines and projects
Color coded

Smart Cards for Projects:

  • Track tools (moulds) and specific tool settings
  • Track production batches
  • Track projects

The cards can be easily adhered to the M-Box via a magnet connection.


The system connects the cards to personnel, tools or projects and they can be reused for new staff or after closing projects.

Multiple Cards

Multiple cards per mould allow identification of different mould settings (family mould, inserts etc).


The Smart Cards render the M-Box into a unique tool to monitor any Operator/Equipment/Project combination, which is ideal for benchmarking and identifying training needs.

Improvement Processes

A must in improvement processes based on individual KPI’s of team members.

  • Set of 25 User cards
  • Set of 25 Production cards