Auxiliary Equipment M-Box (for compressors, pumps)

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This Auxiliary Equipment M-Box is commonly used for compressors, pumps and other equipment for which it is important to know the on/off status and (optional) the electricity consumption.

Alternative sensors may be used and auto-notifications can be set in a flexible way. 

Functions of Auxiliary Equipment M-Box

  • On / off status
  • Electricity consumption (optional)

This Box reports which equipment is running to help diagnose problems and increase efficiency.
For example, a compressor running (and consuming electricity) when factory is off-work can indicate leaks in the compressed air system.

Account Set-up

1-Time Fee

Account Setup fee will be applied to an initial order of less than 5 monitoring units (except trial order for 1 month)

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Component Set-up

1-Time Fee
  • Monitor-Box
  • Electricity Meter (Add $40.00)


Monthly Fee
  • 1 month free with set-up
  • Billed annually
  • Free software updates

$6.00 /month (annual plan)