M-Box Staff Tracker

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  • Keeps track of working hours of staff
  • Notifications can be issued for not registering at the work terminal during shift
  • Increased flexibility for production interruptions or safety issues notifications (for instance: no notification when not at work)

The staff tracking box adds a unique feature to your system, effectively allowing an OLE (Overall Labour Effectiveness) approach in addition to OEE/TEEP related monitoring. 

Account Set-up

1-Time Fee

Account Setup fee will be applied to an initial order of less than 5 monitoring units (except trial order for 1 month)

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Component Set-up

1-Time Fee
  • Monitor-Box Staff In
  • Monitor Box Staff out


Monthly Fee
  • 1 month free with set-up
  • Billed annually
  • Free software updates

$4.00 /month (annual plan)