Instant Notifications

M-Box > Instant Notifications

The M-Box system generates Instant Notifications for presentation via the website interface and/or app for mobile device. Company filters (locations, departments and machine groups) and personal filters are made highly flexible. Users may have different notification filters preset and switch between those filters.

Routing and reporting

Notifications are sent to the direct supervisor responsible for the specific department or crew and require an immediate response in problem diagnosis and remedy. It can be mandatory requirement for the supervisor to report the findings and actions via manual input text or customized pull-down menus.

Supervisors’ managers get an overview of all notifications issued to their subordinates with an optional requirement to give a “read and approve response confirmation” on each of them. Notifications on issues that need to be escalated for further follow up (e.g. in meetings) will be marked “Report” so that they will remain active until handled accordingly.
Management has access to all historical notifications issued during the last 30 days via the reporting interface.

Organizational Performance

This Instant Notification system has a powerful effect on the self-improving capability of any organization. It is a valuable tool that dramatically reduces the need for micro-management on operational staff and helps management to trigger relevant improvement processes in operations.

Type of Notifications

The different M-Boxes each have their own set of buttons via which the operator can indicate the cause for a production interruption. Apart from these manual notifications the system can be set to issue a series of auto notifications, such as:

  • Electricity waste
  • Off notifications, when a machines goes off, for no reason
  • Maintenance due (according to schedule based on running hours or cycles completed)
  • Start up QC report
  • Finished production report
  • No production cards/Operator on reader

Customized notifications are optional.