Pricing of M-Box Shop-Floor monitoring

Get started with our 30 Days Free trial period with just a bar-code printer and your smartphone.

Subscription fee per Workstation

Minimum 10 workstations
Improve productivity with this App (SaaS) to track and manage workflow and inventory on various devices.
"$9.60/workstation Monthly Plan
$96.00/workstation Annual Plan
Unlimited user logins included.

Onboarding Fee

One-time off
To make sure you hit the ground running, we assist in setting up your account with the correct modules and provide 3 hours of online training for your key IoT project members. 

Remarks on M-Box pricing:

The savings realized by just a slight improvement in efficiency (and you will surely realize much more) will greatly exceed the expenses of the monitoring system.

Low Entry Barrier

No programming fees or consultancy fees to get started. When you sign up, we will set up the modules that are required and you can start collecting data right away. 

Uniform and transparent Price

Our pricing is very simple. You pay for the number of workstations that you list in the system (minimum of 10 stations). It does not make a difference if you monitor the station with our hardware, or register via barcode scanning only. You will have access to the full functionality of the system, including the inventory and project management modules for unlimited users. 


We assist in account setup with the correct modules and provide effective training for your key project members with online support throughout the first months after startup. 


The monitoring hardware you decide to use is supplied at cost and is designed to work with off-the-shelf standard components.  

Easy installation

If you opt to use the M-Box hardware you will find out that the installation is extremely easy and can by successfully completed by your in-house team. We’ll be happy to discuss and share our installation manual up front.