System Infrastructure

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Internet or Intranet?

Monitor-Box is designed to operate via Azure servers on the internet but can be made available for use via intranet as well. If of interest, please check the news post “Monitor-Box now available for Intranet applications” or contact us.

Internal Infrastructure

Unifi: M-Box requires nothing more than access to internet by means of Unifi access point to allow communication with the servers. Each Unifi internet point can transfer data of up to 32 M-Boxes each.

External Infrastructure

All our servers run on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft has a robust network of servers across the globe that are designed to handle vast amounts of data, for smooth data processing.

The server network is set up modular. This means that if one server is running out of capacity, another server of that type is automatically added. The Azure servers operate via a 4-layer system:

  1. Firewall server:
    The M-Boxes have authorization certificates to send data to firewall server which confirms authorization. The firewall servers prevent any unauthorized access.
  2. Communication server:
    Processing and confirmation of correct data transfer from the M-BOxes. Check for duplicated or missing data.
  3. Database servers:
    MS-SQL servers for processing and indexing for reporting and notifications. Return processed info to communication servers.
  4. Reporting servers:
    These servers, located near your physical location have direct access to indexed data and ensure quick availability of relevant reports on the website, mobile device or via auto-reports.