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Manufacturing Data Collection Software

In an average factory running 24/7 with 40 machines the system will generate approximately 4 million records per month. This is a huge amount of data that has to be securely processed without interruption.

M-Box production monitoring software can successfully cope with this task. It includes both the software that is hardcoded on the M-Box as well as the Server software.

Monitoring Software in M-Box

The Software is designed to withstand shocks, power interruptions and loss of internet with full recovery possibilities.

In case the internet connection is down, the data is stored on the unit until the net is accessible again. After a possible power interruption, the software will automatically reboot the M-Box and resume processing your data.

MICROSOFT AZURE server used by M-Box monitoring software

All of our servers run on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft has a robust network of servers across the globe that are designed to handle vast amounts of data, which we use to process your data smoothly.
In addition, we have setup our own server network modular. This means that if one server is running out of capacity, another server of that type is automatically added.
Thus it means that M-Box manufacturing data collection software is easy to access and to work on.

IPsec Data Security System in M-Box Software

Privacy and security is very important to our clients and ourselves. All data on our servers are therefore protected following a defense in depth approach where we use multiple layers of defense. All communication between PC’s and servers is done according to IPsec standard which is the only way to achieve full protection of all communication over the IP network.

Our engineers will monitor the performance M-Boxes itself, but cannot see any client specific data or reports. In case of technical problems and support is needed, a remote screen will be (temporary) shared with M-Box support staff to resolve the issue.