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Monitor-Box works on a subscription basis and users do not purchase any equipment. Instead the hardware is made available on a loan basis for subscribers. Set-up fees and subscription fees for each data recording component are applied. All other components such as Junction boxes, Master Boxes and required cables and connectors are provided as part of the subscription. If the factory lay-out requires more cables, Junction or Master Boxes there are no extra charges involved.

Regular software updates and improvements are available without extra charge. 

The license agreement is straight forward and defines both M-Boxes’ and client’s responsibilities. Data protection responsibility is a crucial part of this agreement as are server availability and data back-up. Hardware made available remains property of M-Box and should be returned after termination of a subscription.

According to the agreement M-Box will not be liable for consequential damage related to the unlikely event of data loss or server down-time. Possible server down-time periods however will be credited to client’s accounts.

Once order form is printed and returned the ticked check-box (required) implicates that the customer has read, understood and accepted the Subscription Agreement.

The complete license agreement can be downloaded from here