M-Box Production Counter

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This unit’s features are:

– Cycle time monitoring
– Uptime monitoring
– Smart card reader production
– Auto notifications
– Electricity consumption monitoring

According to User's Settings
  • Line status change On/Off

With the use of M-Box Smart Cards (for operator and production):

  • Cycle Time deviation
  • QC report (over)due
  • Line running without Smart Card(s) * 
  • Line idle with Smart Card(s) *

(* will impact internal cost price calculation)

Features of M-Box Production Counter

Cycle Time


Monitor-Box for Assembly

Account Set-up

1-Time Fee

Account Setup fee will be applied to an initial order of less than 5 monitoring units (except trial order for 1 month)

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Component Set-up

1-Time Fee
  • Monitor-Box
  • Smart-Card reader
  • Infra Red Sensor


Daily Fee
  • Pay as you go
  • Monthly: max $9.60
  • Annually: max $96.00
  • Free software updates

From $0.40 /day