Production Reporting

M-Box > Production Reporting

Equipment Up-time Reports

Pre-set time modes:

– Last 24 hours
– Last week / current week
– Last month / current month
– Last 6 months


Monitoring settings:

– Per location
– Per department
– Equipment type
– Equipment group
– Machine status

Reports by query:

– Via the log-in interface
– Via email

Power Waste Report

The system offers the possibility to monitor electricity consumption per:

– Individual equipment
– Equipment groups
– (Sub)departments

Via smart allocation of the meters all electricity usage can be tracked on the daily reports, opening possibility to find the areas of waste. 

Instant Notifications

Flexible settings per user are used to determine:

– Time window to receive notifications
– Only when on-premise or also when off-premise?
– Specify departments, machine types/groups, electricity thresholds

An extensive explanation of this feature can be found on the Instant Notification page.