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Manufacturing Data Collection System - Easy to Fit to All Machines

How Monitor-Box System Works

With M-Box’s comprehensive manufacturing data collection system you automatically boost your organization to new heights with improved efficiency and energy savings. The factory data collection and monitoring system is built around external sensors and smart cards. This system fits to all your machines! They are monitored on efficiency and electricity use. Auto-generated instant notifications let your team respond immediately to manufacturing or safety issues.

The universally applicable manufacturing data collection system can help calculate your cost price based on data from the equipment monitored and electricity consumption throughout your operation. Connect all your machines to this comprehensive platform without the need to connect to the equipment PLCs. 

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Quick installation and Setup

No programming required with M-Box Manufacturing Data Collection System

Installation is easy and can be completed in a matter of minutes. The monitors can connect to any machine, they are universally applicable. 

Stick the M-Box on the machine or workstation with the magnetized back cover and install the external sensors to collect machine data. Machine activity is registered via one of the sensor types below: 

  • Magnetic proximity sensors
  • Photo voltaic sensors
  • Current sensors
  • Movement sensors

You can opt to connect an additional electricity meter to each M-Box. 

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Manufacturing Data Collection System Core Component: the M-Box

Job and Employee identification

RFID smart card readers, a unique feature of M-Box

RFID smartcard readers on the M-Box register which employee is running the machine and which job is being produced.
Data are sent out via WiFi as soon as the M-Box is powered up and visible in real-time on the Azure hosted cloud portal via PC or mobile.

Data Management in Monitor-Box System

View machine data in real time in your portal:

  • Uptime and current status of your equipment
  • Job progress
  • Production timeline
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Floor plan views, machine tile views
  • Automated reports (daily, weekly, monthly) via Power BI

Project and Order Management

  • Monitor project progress from development to final invoicing
  • Use flexible templates with statuses throughout various phases of the projects
  • Schedule production jobs to machines (for real time monitoring)
  • Assign tasks to the project team members
  • Store updated files to each step of the production process
  • Invite suppliers and customers to participate on your project boards

Notification System

Decrease response time

Use the fully customizable system of instant notifications to any issue on the shop-floor:

  • Unscheduled machine downtime
  • Electricity waste
  • Support request (QC or technical)
  • A-typical running conditions of the equipment


Instant notifications are critical in manufacturing data collection systems to enable efficient production management. They provide real-time insights into important events like equipment breakdowns or inventory shortages, allowing for quick responses to avoid downtime and delays. Managers can handle issues quickly thanks to immediate alerts, which improve workflow efficiency and keep production schedules intact. Timely notifications also improve decision-making by providing actionable data for resource allocation and process modifications. Finally, including rapid notifications in industrial data collecting systems promotes proactive management, and operational agility, and enables firms to maintain productivity standards while meeting customer needs in today’s dynamic manufacturing environment.

Internal Infrastructure of Monitor-Box System

M-Boxes constantly send relevant data to Microsoft Azure servers for analysis, report generation, instant notifications and storage. Users specify preferred settings for notifications and personalize the dashboard of the data portal.

Data is fully protected and safe. M-Box engineers cannot access client records unless explicitly authorized via the settings on the website.

Monitor-Box is designed to operate via Azure servers on the internet but can be made available for use via intranet as well. You may read more about it in “Monitor-Box System via Intranet” post.

You may choose:

  • Connection to your company ERP system (API creation)
  • On premise hosting