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Why is Labour Tracking Software So Important?

Difficulties you may face

The budgeting and monitoring of labour cost is a on ongoing challenge in manufacturing industries.

Labour cost has a high impact on your product’s cost price and questions like, “Did we make any profit on this order?” and, “Are we consistently under or overstaffed?” are difficult to answer correctly without systematic and reliable labour tracking. Just clocking staff in/out is not sufficient.

Questions on individual staff productivity while on the job remain unanswered.

What Can M-Box Offer for Labour Tracking

A module that makes difference

Monitor-Box manufacturing tracking system has a built-in labour tracking software module.

It registers:
  • who is on the premises (the traditional staff clock)
  • which workstation they are operating
  • what product or project they are working on

Labour Tracking on Assembly and Piecework Operations

For assembly or piecework operations our production tracking system is of help in fair setting of normative takt-times for each step of the production process, avoiding the traditional stopwatch or video monitoring.

  • Team access to own productivity data boosts employee productivity and engagement
  • Assembly cost price and production lead time automatically calculated
  • Actionable data in real-time to improve decision making in team management

What is M-Box Production Labour Tracking System And How It Works

The Monitor-Box production tracking system is a combination of hardware components with intelligently designed production tracking software.

The system

  • issues push notifications on issues on the shop-floor
  • presents real-time data on mobile or desk-top device
  • generates automated reports according to your settings.

The M-Box manufacturing tracking system is universally applicable to machines and work-stations, easy to install (external sensors only) and comes with affordable set-up and subscription fees.

No expensive consultants for design or set-up required.

These features and the fact that no expensive consultants are involved make the M-Box particularly suitable for small and medium enterprises.