Billing and Payment Procedure

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Billing Procedure

Monitor-Box is a software subscription service.

Injection Moulding Machine with Monitor-Box and electricity meter


1-Time Fee
  • Model dependent
  • 2 smart-card readers
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Electricity Meter (optional)

Wifi Unit

1-Time Fee
  • Unifi ® internet access point
  • Mandatory (To guarantee good connection)
  • Optimal range up to 25 meters
  • Maximum 30 M-Boxes per Unit (Multiple units can be installed)
  • Needs a cable with direct internet connection

Subscription Fee

  • Subscriptions are on Pay-As-You-Go basis: we only charge when the units are used
  • 1st month free with set-up
  • Max 20 days per month or 240 days per year are charged. All extra user days are free
  • Pay monthly or annually
  • Free software updates

Shipping Cost

  • Depending on your location
  • Quotation within 24 hours

When will the initial subscription fees be invoiced?

We invoice deposit for the applicable fees within 30 days of activation of the initial unit(s) – and maximum 6 months after shipment. For additional units, the deposit is invoiced together with the set-up fee and transportation cost. You will receive the invoice for the user days of each unit over the past subscription period before the renewal date.

What if we order additional components during subscription period?

In case additional components are ordered during the subscription period the procedure is identical. The expiration date of the subscription period of the new component however will be synchronized with the original subscription period expiration date. The max user days for billing (in annual subscriptions only) will be adjusted to the running period of the subscription after synchronization (e.g. for an adjusted period of 6 months, the maximum billable days are 120.

Paperwork is kept to a minimum with 1 invoice per month or year (depending on your choice of payment frequency) for ongoing business

Methods of Payment

According to customer's preference via

Bank Transfers

For EU and China only.
For other countries, only for amounts above US$ 1,000


Credit Card Authorization

For monthly subscriptions, we only accept automated payments