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Working with M-Box: Orders and Jobs

To complete a project or sales order you may need to produce several different parts in different quantities. Each part can require a series of production steps, with their own program or work instruction, input material, and tools or fixtures. M-Box helps you organize the complete process with clear scheduling and file maintenance. This article...
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Working With Alert Tickets

When a machine (or workstation) that is expected to be running but instead it is off, it costs money instead of making it. Therefor minimizing the frequency and the duration of the stops is important. The reasons for the unexpected downtime can be various and can mostly not be blamed to the operator. This article...
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Working with Availability groups and work time schedules

This article explains the functionality of the work time scheduling module in M-Box. In your factory you may have the need to have different groups of machines follow different work time schedules and switch between schedules on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We made this easy to control with full flexibility.
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Implement Error Proofing System “Poka Yoke” in your factory with the help of M-Box

Poka-Yoke is Lean Manufacturing tool to detect possible errors in the production process, prevent them and thus avoid defects in manufactured parts.
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Evolution of the “Andon” system in your factory with the help of M-Box

Andon is a Lean tool that through light signal reports problems in work area, in order to take measures to prevent them from occurring again.
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SMED and Formula 1 Pit Stop

What SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) Is and How to Implement It In Your Factory

SMED (Single minute exchange of die) is a Lean Manufacturing technique that allows significantly reduce product changeover time
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What is Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and How to Implement It In a Factory

Total Productive Maintenance improves the quality of the work environment, and develops a culture of responsibility, communication, and continuous learning.
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Lean Manufacturing and Injection Moulding/Mould Making

For any injection moulder or mould maker looking to adopt a Lean philosophy, M-Box production monitoring system reveals opportunities for improvements with respect to activities that do not add value.
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Reduce Six Big Losses of Equipment (TPM) with the help of M-Box

TPM's goal is to reduce: equipment failure loss, minor stops and idling loss, speed loss, set-up and adjustment loss, yield loss, defect and rework loss.
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A woman is running with the pedometer on her arm.

Take the Pulse of Your Factory with M-Box Monitoring System

Anyone using a Fitbit or step-counter (pedometer) knows its impact. It drives to more exercise, more steps. The same principle applies for factory operations by means of monitoring system.
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