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When a machine (or workstation) that is expected to be running but instead it is off, it costs money instead of making it. Therefor minimizing the frequency and the duration of the stops is important. The reasons for the unexpected downtime can be various and can mostly not be blamed to the operator. This article is about Alert Tickets that allow to detect downtime.


  • Flexible system of notifications
  • Control when alerts are sent out
  • Instant Notifications



Alert Tickets – is a notification sent to an assigned person when set parameters are not met.

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Alert Ticket System

The ticket system in M-Box can be used in 2 main ways to achieve the objective to minimize stop-time and duration:

  • Response time for support: push notifications to support departments such as Quality Assurance or Technical Service for immediate support.
  • Root cause analysis: supervisors and management use the information to design and implement measures to avoid reoccurring reasons for stops.

When a machine is off for a certain time (default 3 minutes) the system registers it as an operational stop.

Stops with a duration longer than (default) 10 minutes trigger a ticket generation.

If (before the default time is elapsed) the reason for a stop is identified (via operator button on the M-Box or via the portal) a ticket is generated immediately.

All tickets need acknowledgement from the supervisor (any employee registered with supervisor role with an active equipment filter that includes that resource). 

Tickets can also be generated manually by the supervisor. The manager with an equipment filter that includes that specific resource will have to acknowledge all tickets generated on that resource.

Notes on filters:

  • The number of equipment filters that can be created is unlimited. Switching between different filters is fast and simple. This makes it possible for supervisors to take over each others schedule during holidays, for example.
  • Depending on the settings it is possible that more than one person with supervisor role or management role will be offered an alert or ticket for acknowledgement. 

When the machine goes back to work, an unresolved ticket will be marked resolved.

If a tickets is manually marked resolved (supervisor) the machine status will be refreshed at the time of resolution

Note on orders:

Look up and filter status history:

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