Working With Availability Groups and Work Time Schedules

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This article explains the functionality of the work time scheduling module in M-Box. In your factory you may have the need to have different groups of machines follow different work time schedules and switch between schedules on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We made this easy to control with full flexibility.


  • See if a machine is supposed to be productive
  • Control when alerts are sent out
  • Accurately evaluate equipment and staff performance



Resources – machines, equipment or work stations that are productive in your factory.

Availability Group – group of resources that follows the same schedule. A resources can be part of a single availability only, but may switch to a different availability group anytime.

Work Time Schedule – schedule consisting of 1-6 shifts with 1 or more work periods per shift.


Let’s take a look at the work schedule of the CNC availability group of a company with location named BPK. Normally the company is productive 5 days per week in 3 rotating shifts.

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This User support article can be helpful when using the M-Box system. If you are new to M-Box or consider using the system, it will give you insight in functionalities and convenience of use.

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The working schedule for the first weeks of December looks as follows:

Christmas and New Year is scheduled:

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