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Kanban Boards for User Tasks and Production Jobs

This article explains how you can work with the status of tasks and jobs to effectively manage projects
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Working with Basic and Advanced Projects

This User Support article explains how you can get started quickly with Basic and Advanced projects in Monitor-Box System
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Working With Colour Cards and Job Cards

When using M-Box you can not only see if a machine is running (and who is operating it), but you can also track what job or project the machine is working on. For this you will use the production smartcards, for which 2 card types are available. In this article we explain the differences between...
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Working with M-Box: Orders and Jobs

To complete a project or sales order you may need to produce several different parts in different quantities. Each part can require a series of production steps, with their own program or work instruction, input material, and tools or fixtures. M-Box helps you organize the complete process with clear scheduling and file maintenance. This article...
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Working With Alert Tickets

When a machine (or workstation) that is expected to be running but instead it is off, it costs money instead of making it. Therefor minimizing the frequency and the duration of the stops is important. The reasons for the unexpected downtime can be various and can mostly not be blamed to the operator. This article...
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Working with Availability groups and work time schedules

This article explains the functionality of the work time scheduling module in M-Box. In your factory you may have the need to have different groups of machines follow different work time schedules and switch between schedules on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We made this easy to control with full flexibility.
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