Tips for Kanban boards for User Tasks and Production Jobs in M-Box

M-Box User Support Article

M-Box is a Shop Floor Monitoring system with real-time equipment performance data and Built-in Project management functionality. This article explains how you can work with the status of tasks and jobs to effectively manage projects

How to change statuses on Tasks and Jobs

  • Drag and Swipe
  • Suggested status in right slide
  • Pulldown via change status button

Please, hover video to find the full screen function

Please, hover video to find the full screen function

Please, hover video to find the full screen function

Standard statuses

With the setup of the portal the following standard statuses for tasks and jobs are created
Board positionStatus IconStatus NameDescription
Not startedDraftThis position can be used for tasks/jobs that are not yet final (Saved as draft during creation)
NewWhen a task/job is created it will receive this status by default.
DeclinedTasks/Jobs that were declined by assignee (mandatory remark for reason of declining is required).
RejectedTasks/Jobs results that were rejected by the task creator end up in here.
On HoldSomething came up, and it’s decided to pause this Task/Job.
AcceptedTask acceptedAssignee accepted the task, which is an indicator that the task is read and understood, and assignee agrees with requirements for deliverable, duration, and due date (if these are set).
PreparingAssignee started preparing the task. This status may be used for example when the assignee is waiting for 3rd party input to start working on the task.
Scheduled (Unassigned)New Production Jobs do not need to be accepted by a user to immediately appear in this position.
In progressWorking onUser tasks in Progress
In queueTasks/Jobs scheduled and waiting to be executed
ActiveProduction jobs that are on a workstation or tasks that are switched on in the task tracker (time recording)
CompletedCompletedAssignee marks the task or job as completed. Production jobs without assignee that are marked completed by operator assume this status.
QC PassedQC passed (Production Jobs only)
QC FailedQC Failed (Production Jobs only)
EndedConfirmedCreator, Project Manager or Team Leader can confirm the Task/Job when it meets requirements. It may resume. Unclosed if information is required for other Tasks/Jobs
Confirmed and ClosedCreator, Project Manager or Team Leader can confirm and close the Task/Job when it meets requirements.
Cancelled and ArchivedCreator, Project Manager or Team Leader can cancel and archive the Task/Job
DeletedCreator, Project Manager or Team Leader can delete the Task/Job. When deleted the Task/Job will be erased from the portal (after 7 days).

All the above statuses are optional and can be skipped in the process, except for:

  • New
  • Completed

Statuses without Tasks/Jobs are hidden on the board, but the 5 Kanban positions are always visible.

The Kanban board is equipped with flexible filters for projects, users, task/job etc. Also, you can conveniently sort the board on Users, Due dates, Workstations.


Hierarchical managers

Hierarchical managers automatically inherit the rights in the project of their subordinates.

5 roles that can change the status of a task

There are 5 roles that can change the status of a task:

    1. Creator
    2. Team leader
    3. Project manager
    4. Assignee (cannot confirm the task completion)
    5. Assignees manager

Note that these 5 roles can be converged in 1 person.

Production job statuses

Production job statuses can be changed by anyone with a login to the operational department the job is assigned to

Rights to confirm completed tasks

(Project) Manager or Team Leader rights to confirm completed tasks do not apply to tasks assigned by a (project) subordinate

status history

The system records all details on the status history of every task/job, including the identity of the person that changed the status

Status: Active

using the task time tracker

If you use the task-monitor, you can easily switch on the timer when you start actively working on a task. Just click the red button on a task or use the pulldown on the top bar. The task status will automatically switch to “Active”.
The timer can be switched off by:

  • Clicking the Stop button in the top bar
  • Swiping the card to another status
  • Start the task-monitor timer on another task.

Hover video to find the full-screen function


1.Why do we have so many roles in the project?

This was created to give optimal flexibility. You probably will always appoint a project manager or a team leader as final responsible for a project. In some situations, however, you may want use both roles. For example, in a commercial project where the sales manager is project manager but not involved in daily management of the project.
It is not mandatory to use all the available roles in a project.

Useful Tutorials available in the M-Box Portal

The over 100 M-Box Tutorials will guide you step by step to swiftly accomplish the desired result

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  • Make order type inactive
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