M-Box Shop-floor Monitoring System Introduction

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Operational Excellence with M-Box Smart Monitoring system

The ideal tool in optimizing factory efficiency

The M-Box monitors efficiency and electricity consumption in manufacturing operations and production lines, at the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and OPE (Overall Plant Effectiveness) level. With its added functionality on staff tracking and automatic cost price calculation feature it is a great tool in achieving cost leadership in manufacturing. 

How it works
The system uses Smart-card readers and sensors. All machines, operators, moulds and/or products are identified to the system so that efficiency and energy consumption is recorded for any combination at work. The M-Box auxiliary equipment monitors are applied to monitor energy consumption of any other machine (group) or department in the factory.

M-Boxes constantly send relevant data to Microsoft Azure servers for analysis, report generation, instant notifications and storage. Users specify preferred settings for notifications and personalize the dashboard of the data portal.

Data is fully protected and safe. M-Box engineers cannot access client records unless explicitly authorized via the settings on the website.

Business Model
Clients purchase an M-Box user license for piece of each equipment that needs monitoring and accept a set-up fee and a subscription fee per license with all hardware provided free of charge. There is no limitation on the number of users identified to the system per client.

Details per application segments are provided in the links below.