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Monitor-Box teams with Arcadeus Cyber Security Advisers for System Safety

Website security is of paramount importance to protect sensitive data and it is our responsibility to build a robust network that is protected from any data theft. In cooperation with Arcadeus we make sure that system has the latest security updates and is configured efficiently.
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Monitor-Box to cooperate with WATCO Group on water cooled HVAC system monitoring

WATCO Group is a supplier of water cooling systems in South East Asia and the Middle East specializing in energy saving cooling towers and automatic cleaning systems for water-cooled chillers. To deliver proof of concept on their energy-saving technologies the Group has decided to offer a comprehensive monitoring system that monitors water temperatures, fan rotations,...
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First M-Boxes yield great result in MGC

We started the M-Box development back in 2012 when we found ourselves in an increasingly competitive environment with sharply raising labor cost. Good management practices via monitoring, measuring and a constant process of move and improve were the only road to survival.
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