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M-Box Production Counter

M-Box model designed as a production counter. Following features are included: cycle time monitoring; uptime monitoring; smart card reader production; auto notifications; electricity consumption monitoring (optional). Watch the video and learn set-up and subscription prices.

M-Box for Manual Assembly

M-Box model designed to monitor manual assembly. Following features are included: operator availability monitoring; cycle time monitoring; smart card reader operator and production; manual notification buttons; auto notifications. Watch the video and learn set-up and subscription prices.

Smart Cards for Personnel and Projects

Smart Cards to Monitor Personnel and Projects include 5 types of smart cards that allow to track employees, operators to machine and projects, tools (moulds) and specific tool settings, production batches and projects. Learn more about features, types and prices. Volume discount applies.

M-Box Staff Tracker

Staff Tracking M-Box model keeps track of working hours of staff. Notifications can be issued for not registering at the work terminal during shift. Increased flexibility for production interruptions or safety issues notifications. Learn more about set-up and subscription prices