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Supplementary Equipment

Unifi Access Point

Unifi Internet Access point can handle the data of up to 25 M-Boxes within a range of 25 meters. The access point allows us to remotely run diagnostics and push software updates on each M-Box.

Price per unit: $70.00

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Subscription Fee Calculation

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Talk to our sales if you plan to monitor machines that run less than 20 days per month for special pricing. 

Short Reminders

Before you submit Your Order

When you order just 1 unit of M-Box ...

In case you’d like to order and try just 1 unit of M-Box, please, take advantage of Trial Unit Order.

  • Hardware price: US $86.00 - $126.00 depending on the model.
  • 1-month money back guarantee
  • Account Setup Fee is waived during the trial unit period

Trial Unit is Available for the following M-Box Models:

  • for Injection Moulding and Die Casting Machine (with Electricity Meter)
  • for CNC machine (with Electricity Meter)
  • for EDM machine (with Electricity Meter)
  • for EDM wire cutting machine (with Electricity Meter)
  • for Welding

When you order 2-4 units of M-Box ...

If it’s the first time you’re making an order from us, we’d like to remind you that the price for Initial Order of less than 5 monitoring units will be equaled to Account Setup Fee (except Trial Order for 1 month).


1-Time Fee