M-Box Factory Monitoring System

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We happily introduce M-Box Shop-Floor Monitoring System for Manufacturing Industries. M-Box is easy to install and intuitive in its use with accurate and real-time data available 24/7. Learn more about how it works by watching this video: “M-Box Factory Monitoring System”

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Manufacturing industries with production equipment or assembly lines face challenges in shop-floor management, such as:
– real-time and unbiased productivity data are not available;
– too many production interruptions;
– high output fluctuations between shifts;
– how to keep track of equipment running hours for maintenance scheduling;
how to engage the team in improving operations
Modern factory shop floor management requires insight into:
– which machines are running;
– who is operating them;
– how efficiently they are producing;
– what the electricity consumption is;
M-Box lets you have these insights by collecting, analyzing and visualizing production data.
After each production run the system automatically calculates the cost price.
Also, it pushes notifications to reduce response time to shop floor issues to increase the team-engagement in improving performance.
M-Box is easy to install by your own technician.
Our equipment is universal. It fits any machine or assembly line.
The external sensors can easily be installed on your equipment.
Injection moulding and casting – we use a magnetic proximity sensor to record every shot.
For auxiliary equipment, like pumps and compressors, we use vibration sensors.
Mould making & metal fabrication – we use motion sensors for EDM machines.
And Electricity consumption level sensor for CNC, EDM, milling, grinding and welding machines.
For Assembly we use moving sensor to register the pass or fail, and a barcode scanner to make sure that the assembly staff uses the correct work instructions.

Data is sent to a junction box and from there to the master box which communicates with the PC. From PC the data goes every 5 minutes to our Microsoft Azure servers. Notifications for production problems go every minute. A network of servers processes the data and displays it on the website or on your phone.

With this system you can real-time monitor your factory production through the website or via the phone app. It is robust, it works 24/7 and it provides instant notifications in cases of production problems.

Improve efficiency and save energy with a system that calculates your true production cost and helps you with your planning!

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