Trial Unit of M-Box Production Monitoring System

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Convince yourself with the M-Box trial unit

Convince yourself via the M-Box introduction offer with 1 month money-back guarantee:

  • waived account set-up for an order of 1 M-Box (set-up fee is temporarily waived during trial period)
  • $30.00 discount on the set-up fee of the unit

Included in the introduction offer:

  • 1 M-Box
  • 1 Electricity meter (Depending on your selection)
  • 5 Smart-cards for operators and for production
  • Full access to web and phone applications for one month
  • 24/7 support
  • Installation manual
  • 30-days Money back guarantee

Requirement to Run

A (preferably) dedicated WiFi in your production environment with stable internet connection is needed.

Information Requirement

For Order Creation
  • M-Box model required
  • For electricity meter selection (if applicable):
    • Voltage
    • Maximum power consumption (kW)
    • Approximate diameter of your electricity cables (one phase)

Following Conditions Apply

will be applied automatically
  • Production companies only
  • 1 unit per company
  • Payable via Paypal / credit card (bank transfers only for EU and China)
  • Regular account set-up fee will be charged after 30 days of usage unless a minimum of additional 4 units are ordered
  • Price does not include delivery cost or import duty (non-refundable). Goods are sent from one of our warehouses, in either The Netherlands or China
  • Shipment within 7 days of reception of payment (subject to availability)