Availability Groups and Work Time Schedules

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Benefit of Using Availability Groups and Work Time Schedules


M-Box gives the option to set very specific work time schedules for different resources (machines and work stations) in your operation. When using these work time schedules, it is easy to see if a resource is supposed to be productive and the notifications or alerts will not go out for stops outside working time.

When using work-time schedules that you can more accurately evaluate equipment and staff performance.

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What Is 'Availability Group' and 'Work Time Schedule' in M-Box



Work time schedule:
In your operation you may (depending on your order situation) need to work with different work schedules. For example:

  • 4x 6-hour shift for 6 days = 144 hours per week.
  • 3x 8-hour shift for 5 days (with breaks)  = 115 hours per week

The system allows a multitude of working schedules to be registered for each location.  

Holiday schedule:
Annual holidays can be easily scheduled into the system.

Availability group:

The system allows creation of availability groups in which several resources are grouped and from which they can be connected to one work time schedule simultaneously and multiple holiday schedules. This is how the availability (is working time) for a resource is set.

The functionality allows easy switching between different schedules (for past and future dates).

Let’s have a look at the October schedule for the CNC machine availability group on location BPK:

How To Setup Availability Groups and Work Time Schedules in M-Box


Availability Groups Setup

1. Create Availability Group

Company Setup > Equipment > Working Time Schedules > Groups > +New

Add Name and Location

2. Create Schedule

Company Setup > Equipment > Working Time Schedules > Schedules > +New

Add Name and Location

> Select > +New

For the availability group (a group of machines that is active in the same work time schedule):

  • Select a work time schedule and set the starting date and time. The schedule is active from that moment onwards, until another schedule (set by you with later date or time) takes over. 
  • Previously used schedules are saved, so it is easy to go back in time and verify historical use of schedules for that specific availability group.

3. Add Holidays

4. Make Connection

Groups> Configure >

You can choose not to set any work time schedule. In that case the system assumes your resources are available 24/7. Also, any equipment that is not connected to a work time or holiday schedule that you have created is considered to be available around the clock.